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Yes RDJ is Tony Stark but not to the degree that EVANNA LYNCH IS LUNA LOVEGOOD.

Let’s not forget the fact that she embodied the character so much that J.K. Rowling made Luna more like Evanna Lynch.

And this, my people is why Evanna Lynch is one of my many inspirations to be a writer. Because she wanted to do something so badly and she got up and did it. I want to be a writer so I’m going to go and be a writer! It really proves that if you want something hard enough you will succeed! Unless, of course that thing that you want is to be a cat.

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Oh my gosh. So today me and Dani got into this giant fight about Harry Potter. She just finished reading it and she knew I had read it so we started talking about it. Guys, she thinks that Harry Potter is stupid! How am I related to this person?! Harry Potter is like the 3rd best thing created, behind horses and the internet. But how can she not like it? Its Harry Potter for pete sake. Probably one of the most recognized names in america besides Santa and Jesus. And you know why? Because its freaking awesome, thats why. It has something for everyone: Action, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mythology/Folklore, and not to mention complicated themes one could spend all day contemplating! So tell me what you think about my beloved Harry and the rest of the Hogwarts gang! Who’s your favorite character? What’s your HP OTP? (mine is Harmioney, Harry/Hermione!) What’s your favorite book?

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Alright guys what’s the deal with people these days? I say “Cool beans” constantly, and every time I get some type of negative response be it a weird look or someone saying I’m weird or annoying and it makes me frown, bigtime! Ugh, only Olga gets me, *sigh* But at least I have this to cheer me up!

Isn’t this just grand! It always makes me forget about all those people who are mean for no reason! Saying “Cool beans” is cool and I’m totally going to keep saying it no matter what anybody else says!

So what do you guys say that people just don’t understand?

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Anonymous asked: What is your favorite type of horse? And also, how often do you ride?

Well dearest Nonny, The horse I usually ride is a beautiful grey speckled Connermara pony named Pumpkin :) Who is awesome! My absolute favorite breed is an Arabian because they are gorgeous and wonderful and amazing and awesome and cool and I LOVE the-*breath* Basically I really, really want one. Thanks for the question Nonny, and feel free to ask me anything else you want to know!

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“YouTube comment threads are the armpits of the Internet!” (x)

Do. Not. Read. The. Comments.

This is what I hate about the internet. Someone does some amazing thing or creates an amazing piece of art, or even puts themselves out there doing something they love (singing, for example) and thousands of people comment hateful things opposed to encouragement or praise. Grrr it makes me so mad! Especially when the person who is getting all the internet hate is a kid or teenager. Its hard enough for us without all of you jerks telling us we are stupid or dumb or other mean and hurtful things. Jeez, you guys is it that hard to be an actual nice person now days?

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Alright guys, what’s the deal with the obsession of famous people these days? I get that you just adore Tom Hiddleson’s new whatever, or can’t get enough of cute pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch, but is there no value in privacy anymore? I mean, don’t get me wrong I obsessively read fanfiction and fawn over pictures of hot celebs, but I don’t think its okay for people to document every moment of these peoples lives. Because for some strange reason I don’t feel the need to know what Tom Cruise ate for breakfast yesterday or who Paris Hilton’s last fling was with. Famous people are still people you guys don’t you get that?! How would you feel if every waking moment of your life was broadcasted to the entire galaxy. When did the sanctity of marriage or having a child become something for every person in reach of wifi to look at! I leave you with this, next time you see somebody’s personal life spread all over facebook or twitter or even tumblr, DON’T CONTINUE IT! Don’t like, or share, or retweet or reblog it. Delete it (if you can) because no one deserves to be treated like that, especially someone who’s job it is to make people happy be it thru film and television, or books and newspapers, art, or poetry or even someone who is famous for being famous. Down with paparazzi!


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Daria's Graduation Speech

THANK YOU DARIA. Gosh, I thought middle school was hard before I started watching Daria. But thank the gods (Hermes specifically) for beaming down a beautifully written social satire about high school and how hard it is for ACTUALLY SMART PEOPLE WHO CAN THINK FOR THEMSELVES. Jeez, and I thought the kids in my 7th grade class were spending a little too much time not contributing anything whatsoever to our society. At least there’s one level headed, witty girl who gets it. And remember people, if the emperor looks naked, THE EMPEROR IS NAKED. (props to Daria for working in pizza to her graduation speech) 

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Alrighty then, let’s get down to it. My name is Samantha Devine and my sister Danni is a pop star. Literally. A few years ago an agent (Robert Reubens *grumble grumble*) discovered the amazing talents of my amazing big sis and she travelled the world on tour. well, not the world but the country. Now we live in an amazing, giant, and ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT home. The only downside: we have a reality tv show (ugh) The upside within the downside: the shows director Bleu is AWESOME and the coolest dude ever (plus, i think he reads this, hi Bleu!) My old blog crashed (sadness) so i thought it was due time to revamp it a bit! And also I had some pretty embarrassing stuff on there and I’m hoping amidst the millions of tumblogs, mine won’t stand out quite so much. I don’t really feel like embarrassing my entire family on a public scale regularly. My mom Rose is yelling at me to come downstairs for dinner, so I’ll see y’all in a bit. And by y’all i mean olga (hi olga!) the only person I’m absolutely certain reads this. Goodnight my beautiful bloggers!